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United 2014….Photography, but SO much more! {Lisa Jump | Gig Harbor Photographer}


United 2014.


When I registered for this photography conference, I honestly was a little uncertain. I had never gone before and wasn’t sure what to expect. It seemed like a wonderful community of talented photographers, but they all seemed to know each other…would they be as welcoming as I’d hoped? Would it be worth it?  Once the details for registration were released… my dear friend Stacy and I started texting frantically – “Should we do it? Do you want to? I think so – do you? It sounds fun. And inspiring. Are we crazy? Let’s be crazy! Let’s DO IT!!”

And we did. :)

And boy, am I so glad we did.

What this experience ended up being was so much more than just a photography conference. Yes, I learned so much.  SO much. From other photographers, from speakers, from those other attendees around me. It wasn’t just about photography skill….it was about serving. About connecting.  About embracing. About giving.

It was SO good.

In just those few short days, I made heartfelt connections with so many people. Amazing people that I am SO excited to keep in touch with, continue to connect with….genuine, kind, grounded, people that were all so giving, generous, and vulnerable…all willing to discuss and chat about all we were learning….people in the industry for years, and we were all having our lightbulb moments!

When I wasn’t busy listening and chatting, I was able to capture a few experiences with my camera.  There were SO many amazing photographers that put so much time and effort into organizing various shoots….

A sunrise engagement….

Gig Harbor Tacoma Family Lisa Jump Photography_0004 Gig Harbor Tacoma Family Lisa Jump Photography_0005 Gig Harbor Tacoma Family Lisa Jump Photography_0007 Gig Harbor Tacoma Family Lisa Jump Photography_0008 Gig Harbor Tacoma Family Lisa Jump Photography_0003

A senior shoot….

Gig Harbor Tacoma Family Lisa Jump Photography_0002
A sunset yacht shoot…

Gig Harbor Tacoma Family Lisa Jump Photography_0011


Gig Harbor Tacoma Family Lisa Jump Photography_0009

Gig Harbor Tacoma Family Lisa Jump Photography_0010 Gig Harbor Tacoma Family Lisa Jump Photography_0012

But the images that you won’t see, are the ones where my camera stayed in my bag….where we were talking, learning, laughing hysterically, eating, having a glass of wine in the bar, hanging out with my amazing roommates in our comfy clothes, enjoying dinner out in Santa Barbara, taking a break by the pool to connect with even more people from across the country.


For those reasons, I’m soooo thankful that a photo booth was set up…..we took about a dozen (hilarious!), but I’m just so glad that we stopped to get this one of our roomies….LOVE these girls!!

View More:


This was so much more than I expected….I keep hearing others say this, but it’s true….my heart is FULL.


Refreshed. Rejuvenated. Inspired. Joyful. Grateful.


I don’t think that I could ask for much more.  A huge thank you to every single person I met, who took the time to introduce themselves and who stopped to chat…to every amazing person at United that put their heart and time into planning, teaching, speaking…and making this event so amazing….

I am so grateful.


Gig Harbor Tacoma Family Lisa Jump Photography_0001 Credit for the amazing shoots prepared for the United attendees:

Engagement Shoot:

Frances Corkill Instructor: Frances Corkill
Models: Ryan Warner
Model: Brittany Warner
Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist by Salon Del Mar Fess Parker
Production Coordinator: Kristin Renee


Yacht Shoot:

Venue: Santa Barbara Sailing Center

Style Shoot Production, Wardrobe and Stylist- Stacy Childers House of Style SD
House of Style SD

Production Coordinator: Kristin Renee

Kristi Reynolds

Emily Wall

Jessica Campbell

Suzy Van Dyke

Lukas Van Dyke

Emelia Schobeiri

Wilfried Schobieri

Hair Stylists:
Ronda Albanez

Lindsey Donofrio

Jenny Hopwood

Kristi Reynolds

Make-up Artists:
Cathy Calabro -Mary Kay
Carolyn Morton
Hattie Liversidge Mary Kay
Patricia Guerrera
Jenny Hopwood



  1. Stacy Gendreau

    February 28th, 2014 at 1:43 pm

    WOWZA! I totally loved this post! And I TOTALLY enjoyed spending 4 days with you! Pretty much bliss. So glad to have experienced this together! Big love to you my friend! xoxo

  2. Xiomara Gard

    March 21st, 2014 at 6:58 pm

    Great recap Lisa. It was so wonderful to have met you at United. I can’t wait to see you soar this year!!

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